I need help with Xcode

iOS and iPadOS
Hi, When I creat a new project in Xcode, I can not start working on my app. It will not creat my project. Please help. Thanks.



Submitted by Eirik the Red on Monday, December 24, 2012

Hi. What kind of project are you trying to create? If you want to create what's called a "single view application" project, then you can follow these steps: 1. Launch Xcode. 2. Depending on how it's set up, you'll either see an empty window or the project template chooser. If you don't see the template chooser, go to the File Menu, open the New submenu, and arrow down until you reach the "project" menu item. 3. When the template chooser opens, you'll see a "development category" table, a "template chooser" group, and the usual "cancel," "previous," and "next" buttons. 4. Interact with the "template category" table, and arrow down until you enter the "iOS" options. Make sure that "application" is selected. In my setup, "iOS" is actually the first row in the table, but yours might be different. 5. Stop interacting with the table and move to the "template chooser" group. Interact with this, and navigate around until you find the "single view application" option. Press VO-space to select it. 6. Now stop interacting with the "template chooser" group and move to the "next button." Press VO-space to activate it. 7. You will now see a set of options that let you customize your project. Fill these in using the information you provided to Apple when you set up your developer account or, if you don't yet have a developer account, just use temporary values. 8. After you've filled in all the information, navigate to the "next" button and activate it with VO-space. 9. Next you will see a fairly standard file dialogue box where you should type a name for your project's directory. After you've done this, move to the "create" button and press it. Xcode will now create your new project, and you will be in the main interface. I hope this works for you.