EyeSense latest version - Personalized objects training few snaps away

App Developer

Good news! Now you can join the private beta testing group of EyeSense. A new sight companion designed for the blind and low sighted. You can teach EyeSense faces or family and friends, and also any object you would like the app to identify. If you are an iphone user with iOS 11, you can request to join from this Private Beta Link. http://bit.ly/2FnqgxJ


#1 ...

since i couldn't find a way to send feedback, i'll say it here. perhaps you can add touch id for the app? imagine some kids open the app and alter or delete something from the database.

excellent app.

#2 Thank you for your feedback

App Developer

Thank you LaBoheme for your feedback, we will definitely take that into consideration. May I ask how you heard about our app?

#3 ...

i believe i read about it here.
some more suggestions: the database should be browsable and editable. suppose i save some faces as person 1, person 2 and person 3, maybe i am in a hurry, or i just don't know their names. right now, it's not possible to go back and make the proper entries later. same about objects. say i'm in a hurry and i just name something generic, i might not even remember how i name the object, a searchable and browsable database would be helpful.

#4 Noted

App Developer

Hi LaBoheme,
Good point. We will consider this in our next iteration. Thank you again. Your feedback is valuable for us.

#5 Problem with app

I have joined the beta for this app. The problem I am having is that when I open the app the volume of my iPhone 7plus goes so low that I cannot use the app. I also am unable to find any instructions on how to use it.

Greg Wocher

#6 Feedback

I'm still exploring the app. I had the same problem with the volume level of the voice the app was using when I first opened the app. I turned up the master volume of my phone until it was loud enough for me. I like the voice prompts and gestures to set up the assistant and using the app!

#7 Applied to test app but no invitation from Test Flight.

As the subject says, I applied to test this app yesterday by filling in the form listed here but am still waiting for a confirmation from Test Flight.

Here’s hoping.

#8 Invitation sent

App Developer

Apologies for the delay. You should find the invite link in the provided apple email address.

#9 Thank you for your feedback

App Developer

We will address this volume issue as soon as possible and fix it.

#10 Text instruction

App Developer

Hi Greg,
We tried to make our app as intuitive but I can understand it would be hard to use without instructions. Could you maybe send a quick email at eyesense@id-labs.org and we will try to provide you with a brief instruction.

#11 Still no invitation.

I still await an invitation to test this app.

#12 volume of my phone auto changes

when i open the app volume of my phone autochangeing. also yeah database should be browsable

#13 ...

still can't import photos, even the app asks for permission. hopefully, this gets enabled soon, it'd make life easier in terms of building database for human faces.