Yelp issue on IOS 10.3.1

iOS and iPadOS

Yelp was working great on my iphone SE running IOS 10.3 for a while, until, as usual, after upgrading to the latest version of Yelp around mid-2017, a few things are broken:
1) it no longer tells you what cross streets the business is located, now it just says the neighborhood after the address. Sure you could look it up using other maps, but that's launching another app altogether, and these maps apps usually don't actually tell you about the cross street either.
2) The "Call" button to make a phone call to the business does not do anything. What is also strange is that the Call <number> label is glommed together with the "Get directions" lable, which also leads to #3.
3) Get directions <N> minutes button does not do anything either, like #2.

Anyone else notices these issues. I would also love to know if IOS 11 wiwth VO exhibits any of these issues. If not, please also chichime in as I'm considering upgrading to 11.3.
Thanks all.



Submitted by HCSF on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Uninstall and reinstall yelp seems to have fixed the "Call" issue, so now I can make phone calls directly through the yelp app. Note that simply upgrading would not have done this, as I have upgraded at least twice before and no luck. Only a reinstall would do.
The "Get directions" button also is working now, it brings up apple maps.
Unfortunately, the business address is now gone!
So as with the software these days, it's trading one issue for another.