Applewatch randomly speaking in bedside (or nightstand mode)

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Hi everyone,
I've recently acquired a series 3 42 MM applewatch. This has replaced my series one, which I was seriously unimpressed with.
The 3 is much much better, and I'm really happy with it apart from when the watch is on it's side in bedside (or nightstand) mode, the slightest movement of the floor boards, or the smallest nudge of the table seems to wake voiceover up.
I have tried several dedicated applewatch charging stands, both budget and more expensive, and this happens with all the devices I've tried. I am getting arond this by tripple tapping voiceover off with the crown when the watch is charging, but I'd like to access the functions available when it's on it's side charging with out turning voiceover on and off.
Any thoughts or help would be gratefully received.
My watchis running IOS 4.2.3 and my phone is an iPhone 7 running IOS 11.2.6.
thanks in anticipation.




Submitted by Sasha Stride on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This is wierd. I don’t have this problem.
Then again I am using a series 0 wich means that maybe I cannot talk? But this has never happenned to me.

Submitted by Bo on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hi David,

I have been experiencing the same thing after moving into an older home in the US. Especially annoying when the cat decides to jump off the bed. I've resorted to the same as you, toggling VO off. I tried a rubber Matt to dampen the vibrations but no luck. I can't recall if my Series 0 did this also, or if the series 3 is just more sensitive.

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Its actually a feature, it responds to slight movements to tell you the time, waking also up the screen. I personally like is, because when I want to know the time at night, a random hit in the darkness will very likely trigger the time announcement, however I can understand the frustration. Unfortunately there is no setting to turn this off, except to disable the bedside mode completely in settings. In this case, the watch can still be on its side and its functions used, but the bedside mode doesn't turn on.