Speak Detected Text

iOS and iPadOS

My understanding of Speak Detected Text is that it should cause VO to announce text changes in focused fields that might not automatically be spoken by VO due to the use of non-standard controls. If I am wrong, kindly advise. I have a Polar Beat IOS app used with an HR7 Polar heart monitor which displays changes in heart rate on the iPhone screen in the Polar Beat app. I know the heart rate is changing as I hear the different numbers when I swipe away and back to the heart rate field. However, I would think that speak detected text would detect the change in heart rate and speak it automatically when this feature is turned on. However, this does not happen, so I must keep swiping away and back to hear changes in the heart rate. I have reported this to Apple Accessibility as a possible bug with the Speak Detected text feature. I would be curious if others have had similar problems with this feature not working, and encourage those who do so to report these issues to Apple. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks all.



Submitted by Jessica Brown on Friday, February 9, 2018

I think speak detected texts read text found with in pictures where as VoiceOver just used to say image. I think for you to be able to hear the changing heart rate you need to just leave the voiceover cursor on the number and voiceover should say the new number every time it changes.