Help Needed With PowerPoint and Keynote on Mac

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I'm doing a course and have to create and deliver a presentation this Friday. While I do have a Windows laptop from work that I can fall back on, I was hoping to use my own MacBook for this, as I have been doing for note-taking etc on the course.
However I am encountering major issues with VoiceOver when trying to use both PowerPoint and Keynote on the Mac.
In PowerPoint, I can't even seem to create a slide. I can select a new slide ok, but when I try to edit the content of the text boxes, nothing happens. It just won't seem to enter any text for me.
I'm also having trouble when playing a presentation. When I imported a slideshow that I had made previously on a PC to test it out, I can start the slideshow playing, but VoiceOver does not read any of the content as I progress through the presentation.
Similarly, Keynote is very limited when actually presenting. As I move to a new slide, it is only reading the title of the slide, but none of the content.
Am I doing something wrong or are these apps really this inadequate with VoiceOver? Any advice appreciated.



Submitted by hamiltonthemusicallover on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hello Dave82,I am not sure if this would be of any help, or if this trick still works, I have not used Keynote in a few months. When you want to read a slide, go to the part that says the title, and body of the slide. Interact with that, then hit enter on the body part of the slide. It will say selection deleted, then hit undo, and it should work for you to read the slide, because you will be in the text field of the body. Do that for every slide, and you'll be fine.I hope that helpes

Submitted by Ahmed on Thursday, June 25, 2020

KeyNote as with other Mac Applications included in the EyeWork package KeyNote is indeed very easy to use with VoiceOver as a college student I was taking an online Information Technology intro course one of my assignments was to create a presentation I've created the presentation using KeyNote I than uploaded it to D2L before I uploaded it I double checked the contents of each slide I created than I uploaded it to d2L I had multiple versions of my presentation I than chose to upload the KeyNote presentation my instructor received it than graded it after she viewed it at first glance KeyNote may seem challenging and difficult but with time and practice invested it can be easily mastered.
Also when you go to read a slide in KeyNote all you have to do as a VoiceOver user is to move the Voiceover cursor to where it says body interact with where it says body than use your standard VoiceOver navigation commands VO+arrow Keys you don't have to press return it would cause VoiceOver to delete the contents of the current slide that your viewing. I've learned it through trial and error because I've made that same mistake and I had two retype the contents that was in the body of the slide again.