Can't Log In to Skype or Any Other Microsoft Apps! Help!

Hey. Has anyone have issues logging into Skype and other apps? For example, I enter my email address. It says, that the email address doesn't exist. I knew that I created the account! I am able to sign into the website with my computer. Also, I can't sign into the Outlook app! This is really important because I run a blog called Blindness Awareness and More, and I don't want people to think that I am ignoring them. I am also using a Braille Display to sign in. Do you have an workarounds for this issue? Thanks.


Had this issue

Hi. Yes I had this frustrating issue logging in to my Skype. Tried everything to log in. It was a mess. Only thing I can suggest that worked for me is instead of using a Braille display to log in. Use the on screen keyboard. Not the fastest way and frustrating I know but that's the only work around that worked for me. Hope that helps.