To get or not to get a Qwerty Bluetooth keyboard?

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Curretnly I've a Human BrailleNote as a Braille display on my iPhone, however because of portability especially, I'm wanting to get a Qwerty Bluetooth keyboard (Logictech 380 model); by portability I mean for instance, I'd need to carry my Apex, plus the cable&charger, whereas with a bluetooth keyboard, I'd need oly the keyboard itself, since it runs on AA bateries. Thus the question is is it worthwhile buying myself a qwerty Bluetooth keyboard when the BrailleNote Apex already works as kind of a Bluetooth Braille keyboard? How long should the Apex battery last before needing to charge? because it's recent that I'm starting to use the Apex as a display, and I always use it plugged into the wall. Thanks for tips/ideas on the subject.



Submitted by Chuck Winstead on Sunday, December 31, 2017

I have a bluetooth qwerty keyboard for my iPad, and it's helpful. Although I don't own any form of a braille display, but when I use my iPad for emailing, or when I'm needing to type it is better than needing to dictate which is about the second quickest, or needing to slide around until finding a letter and then repeating that process which is the slowest. plus having a touchscreen, and a physical keyboard do offer some up sides.

Submitted by thebigt on Monday, January 1, 2018


I have never owned a braille display but i depend on my blue tooth keyboards both on my phone and ipad. It is much quicker to type on my keyboards than using the screen. I can use the screen but it is painfully slow. The keyboard i use for my ipad is a case and it folds up like a mini laptop. It charges via usb and lasts about 6 months ish with every day use.

Submitted by Keith on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

If this is for use with your phone, have you given the MBraille app a try? I find I rarely use my bluetooth keyboard because I can type as fast with MBraille, and the spell check function works quite well.