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Hello guys!
I have over 9000 emails in a gmail account and would like to delete all at once.
How can I do this on the iPhone?



Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Monday, December 4, 2017

Hello Diego, there is no way to doo this at ones but, you can doo this by marking mails press on "edit" at the top right of the screen, mark the mail you want to delete and delete them by pressing the "delete button. i know, it'sn't useble and not comfteble but this is a one way to doo this. there is no another way to delete at ones. good luck with this, and update us if it helped.

Submitted by peter on Monday, December 4, 2017

Unfortunately, when hitting "Edit" in the dialog containing a list of mail messages, there is no "Delete all" button. although there is a "Mark all" button, the only options here are to Flag or mark Read/Unread. There is no option to mark all as "Selected".

The only way to delete all messages (annoyingly) is to mark each one individually and then send to "Trash"....Not a job one wants to do when one has hundreds of messages.

This has been a long-standing issue in the iOS mail app for several versions. I've written to Apople about this, but I guess not enough people have complained about not having this important function that most other apps have when editing long lists of items.

Another issue I've complained to Apple about for several versions of iOS now is the fact that folders containing a list of sub-folders cannot be closed. Once in a particular account the Apple mail app shows the entire folder structure and sub-folders as "Expanded". For people who have lots of folders and sub-folders to keep things organized this can be a real pain.

I'm hoping that some day Apple will see the light and add some of these capabilities that are common in almost all other mail programs and apps. People hold lots of mail these days and structure it to handle a lot of work and history. We don't use mail as we did in the early days. Time to move ahead with this mail app!


Submitted by Gerardo on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why not thread EMails? This way you can delete groups of EMails at once, saving you lots of time! To do this, go into Settings/Mail; flick right until you see something like Organize EMails in Threads and double-tap. Good luck!

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