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Hello all,
I have a Macbook air and am scanning a book onto it right now. I am using Finereader, however Finereader makes my Mac get really hot, and sometimes it takes a while to process things, it also freazes a lot. Does anyone else have these issues? If so, how do I fix them?
Are their any other free scanning apps out there for the Mac? If so, what are some pretty low cost ones that work really well?
Does Kurzwiel work for the Mac? I know Kurzwiel300 or Kurzwiel 200 is availiable for the Mac, but I don't know if it works with voice over.
Does anyone have any tips for using finereader? Right now, I have set my Resulation to 1200 and it's really slow, but I'm hoping it scans in a lot better.
Thank you for the tips



Submitted by Maldalain on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Are you referring to the DPI when you said 1200? 1200 DPI is used for scanning photos and coloured material, also perhaps documents with very small font size. The ideal scanning DPI is 300 DPI. I scan my books all the time with My Mac Air 11 Inch and it has been always great, no heat no lags. You also can scan documents in black and white as this is usually the case with books, not magazines and coloured materials.
All the best.