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iOS and iPadOS

Hello. I just discovered the recent feature Autoanswer. I have some questions. If I have this active on both my iPhone and iPad, wich of them will answer? Also, if I don’t have it on my iPad and my phone is connected to my Apple Watch, will my watch or my iPhone answer?



Submitted by Doug on Saturday, November 25, 2017

Well gentle readers, I'm obviously a complete fool. I did find AutoAnswer somewhere I believe under settings/general and set it to do it's job. I want to lengthen the wait time but for the life of me, can't locate that setting again. Seems to me it would be more appropriate under carplay but it ain't there. I though I found it under accessibility but can't locate it this time. What's wrong with mne?

Submitted by Sasha Stride on Saturday, November 25, 2017

To find this you go to settings, general, accessibility and then it should say something that I translate from mine but it says voice call routing but I am not sure. There will be a feature called Autoanswer.

Submitted by David Lai on Sunday, November 26, 2017

Yes, in the English version it's under the "call audio routing" settings. Double-tap and then flick right to find the auto-answer settings. Use the increment or decrement buttons to increase or decrease the waiting time.

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