Mail Scrolling Issue with iOS11 on iPhone 6S

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There's an annoying bug when scrolling in Mail that prevents the first message in a mailbox from being displayed after scrolling down through the messages and then back up to the top. In order to see the first message in the list I need to exit the mailbox and re-enter it again. In some cases, just scrolling down the first time causes that first message to "disappear".

The latest update does not fix this. Since I don't see this being widely reported I'm guessing that this is a 6S-only bug. Has anyone else seen this?



Submitted by Ipadman on Sunday, November 19, 2017

I’m also having a problem with the mail app after iOS 11 .1 .2 update.
Swiping up with two fingers from inside and email message will not take me to the top of the inbox, only to the top of that email message.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Sunday, November 19, 2017

I have two issues with the mail app on iOS 11.1.1:
• When scrolling down through e-mails, with my braille display, occasionally what happens is the braille display goes blank, then VO's focus jumps to the near top of my mailbox onto a different e-mail.
• And sometimes when I try to select not e-mail, nothing happens. ow have to double tap at least 6 or so times before it's like, oh fine Tunmi I'll work.

My wife (who is blind, I'm not) does not use a braille display, but it sounds like the issue you are having is similar to what my wife has. I started looking into it because she was complaining that the top message was "disappearing", but then reappeared after she closed and reopened Mail. Further research determined that she didn't have to close and reopen email, just exit the mailbox she was in and re-enter it. I can see how your braille display would go blank since when this happens, focus sort of disappears with that mail message until a new message is tapped on.