Seeking recommendations for a good file converter.

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I have been collecting ringtones for a long time but most of them are in the OGG. format and MP3. I would like to convert these ringtones to M foR. in order to be able to use them on my iPhone. However, I would like to ask you for recommendations for good file converters to be used on my Mac.
What are the best and accessible file converters for the Mac?
Thank you in advance for your much appreciated help.
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Submitted by Socheat on Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hi there,

When I'm making ringtones, if the file is in MP3 extension, it is doable with iTunes. Just import it to your iTunes library, find the song that you want to convert it to, then go to file menu > convert > create AAC version. After that, your converted file should place in "My music folder". under iTunes music library. Then open that folder, find your file, then rename it from "m4a" extension to "m4r" extension. And you can copy it to your phone.

I haven't tried with the ogg version, so I can't say for sure that iTunes works with it.

Hope that helps.

Submitted by DrummerGuy on Monday, November 6, 2017

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Thank you. I will try it. I still would like to get some more suggestions from other members of the Applevis community. Hopefully, someone knows of an application that will, for sure, help me converting the OGG files into M4R. Once again, I thank you for your suggestion.

Submitted by Cliff on Monday, November 6, 2017

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Hi! I have during the last years used several different apps for this purpose, but I believe the one I’ve used the most is called Switch.
Can’t remember if it’s in the Mac App Store or not, but just do a google search for Switch app for mac + download, and you’ll certainly find it!
Sorry I don’t have time right now to explain mor in detailly or to give you more suggestions for other apps, but try Switch, and I might be able to give you more suggestions later today if that doesn’t work for you! :)