Dimensions, swordfighting, and who knows what else

iOS and iPadOS
Well, it's almost the ghosting hour again, so I'm going to be playing Dimensions. I've just completed a comprehensive tutorial for it, which is the 11th comment posted on the app. If you don't get it after reading the tutorial, you're not going to, because it's not for everyone. Second, I found, after listening to the podcast on ISamurai, a free version of the game. It only gives you the first two opponents, and you don't get thrust attack or critical strike, but you can buy these in-app.



Submitted by Jessica Brown on Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where can I find this tutorial and podcast you mention? What do you mean 11th comment in the app? Also, how do you use the beam? Is that all you have to do in the game is use the beam to get cells and defend yourself from the bad things, I forget what they are called. Thank you.