Moving apps is not working in IOS 11.0.1

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Hi everyone,

I installed IOS version 11.0.1, and I noticed that a bug in App switcher doesn't exist any more, but I'm not able to delete apps from my home screen.
After I double tab and hold with a finger on an app, iPhone plays a sound, but after that nothing happens.
Before I report it to Apple, I would like to ask if someone else is experiencing this problem?
Thanks in advance!
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Tea Turkovic



Submitted by HarmonicaPlayer on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

greetings, I use an iPod touch 6 gen and to move apps now you have to double tap and hold on the app you want to move until you hear the 3 tone sound and device says, "start editing. Then i just find the place to put and confirm if i want to drop before, after or in a folder. I first after getting the start editing prompt have to swipe down to drag specified app. HTH.

Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

I hopped onto AppleVis to report that after installing 11.1, I could no longer move Home Screen icons. I will keep trying different ways to fix this, but I was moving things around just before the upgrade, decided to do the upgrade half-way through my moving things around, and am now stuck. Ugh!

I hope I am wrong, but this looks like a problem.

Thanks for posting this right away. I rushed to AppleVis to report the observation and was really glad to see it was already documented.
By the way, I was doing this with a Bluetooth keyboard on an iPhone 6S Plus.

Submitted by Melissa on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hi, I just installed iOS11.0.1, and was able to move my apps successfully.

Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

I will keep experimenting, but I did just successfully move a Home Screen icon by touching the actual screen. I tend to do most things by Bluetooth keyboard, which is where I ran into trouble, but when touching the screen of the iPhone, I had better luck. I also did a “hard reset” with the Home and Power button just before touching the screen .

Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

Under iOS 11.1, I was having trouble moving Home Screen icons via my Bluetooth keyboard. Even so, once I did a “hard reset” by forcing a reboot with the Home and Power button, the problem seems to have corrected itself.

Submitted by Serena on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

so far, everything works as before here. tested on the screen, haven't tested on a keyboard yet though. but it all seems to be working as it should. that is, normally how ever, the advice i give people, after doing an update, if you see problems, try rebooting the device first. as much like any computer, it quite often fixes a lot of little quirks with software after an update.

Submitted by Darrell Hilliker on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

As recommended by several popular iOS tech podcasters, always do the following before upgrading to a new iOS version:
1. Always make sure you have performed a backup!
2. Double tap the Home button and three-finger flick up to close each and every one of your running apps.
3. Select Settings > General > Reset, and double tap Reset Network Settings. Follow the prompts to confirm you do, indeed, wish to reset all the network settings on your device.
4. Once your device reboots, select Settings > Wi-Fi and re-establish your connection(s).
5. Select Settings > General > Software Update and complete the iOS upgrade. Always keep in mind the upgrade process could require a significant amount of time, over 30 minutes, to complete, and your device may be totally silent with no Braille or speech output during most of the process.

Hope this helps,


Submitted by kool_turk on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I just tested this using an iPhone 6S running iOS 11.0.1 and was able to move apps just fine.

I wonder if this bug is model specific?

I was using the new drag and drop method that was introduced in iOS 11 and it appears to be working.

Mind you, all I did was move the phone icon one spot over to test it.

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I've recently got my hands on my iPhone 8 Plus and found moving apps seems to work, but at times, when trying to move them before or after other apps, it doesn't always seem to move them properly where I've chosen. For example, I'll select to move before a certain app and it moves it after. It could very well be that I'm not used to iOS 11 as my old iPhone 6 Plus is still running iOS 10, so I'll have to keep playing with it. The only thing I find annoying is when navigating through the list of choices when moving, when I navigate to either the before or after options, as soon as VoiceOver begins to read the option, it says "Drop" and cuts off the other text. Either then that, I'm loving my new phone. I especially like the ability to move more then one app at once, will save me a whole lot of trouble.

Submitted by Ann Marie B on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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I also tested the drag and drop method using an IPhone 6S and it works correctly. I have a folder and app within that folder with the same name as the folder; I used the drag and drop method to move 2 apps within the folder. I was pleased that after I heard the 3 tone sound Voiceover said "started Editing" to inform me that I could move apps. In order for this feature to work to your advantage, you need to play with it and do a few attempts with moving apps. :)

Submitted by Jeff on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I've experienced the same problem described by Blinken223 on my new iPhone 8. As I flick through the options to drop the apps, the function description is being interrupted, making it difficult to be sure which option is selected. I've not encountered this problem elsewhere on my phone -- just with drag-and-drop.

Submitted by charles on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

In reply to by Melissa

Melissa. Your reply was, in my opinion, and others can take notice of this, too. You say that you are able to move apps, but you do not say how. Saying that you can do it does not assist someone who is having a problem doing so. Can you send a reply that describes the method now used? Thanks.

Submitted by georgina on Saturday, September 30, 2017

My husband's SE has this bug. It only seems to affect apps on the 5th row--for the most part. I was able to move messenger. I am using double tap and hold drag & drop. I did find a work-around. Double tap and hold any app not on the 5th row until it goes into edit mode. Lift finger. Then double tap and hold 5th row app and procede normally.

Submitted by DrummerGuy on Saturday, September 30, 2017

I am not experiencing any problems removing or moving around apps on the home screen. I can do this touching anywhere on the screen. To do this, just double tap and hold gently on the screen until you hear VoiceOver say drag and drop or editing. Then make sure that the rotor is on the actions menu. Now you will be able to select which Apps you need to move. Locate and select yourapplication and check the actions menu and the rest is self explanatory. Remember to double tap and hold gently on the screen. Do not slam your finger on it because if you do this when pressing you will activate 3-D touch. Hope that helps. Good luck.

Submitted by C in MT on Monday, October 2, 2017

I too am having trouble moving apps around, or between home screens since I updated to iOS11.1. Without Voiceover, Apple says to touch and hold the app icon until in edit mode. Then, you should be able to move apps. I tried to tell them that it doesn’t work with Voiceover. All I get if I touch and hold, or double tap and hold is the shortcut menu. Any new thoughts?

Submitted by kool_turk on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It sounds like you're pressing too hard.

For some reason 3d touch is extra sensitive in iOS 11.

You can always adjust it or, if you don't use it, go into the settings and turn it off.