Effects of camera improvements on OCR.

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I am a user of an iPhone 6SPlus, who will most likely update very soon to an 8Plus.
I was wondering if the camera improvements in the 7 and 8 had had any positive effects on OCR.
Also, will the double lense optical image stabilization improvement for the iphone x positively effect OCR? Of course, I realise that this will depend on developers trying to take advantage of these changes, but is it a possibility? I had dismissed the idea of bying the X, but might think of it if it has better OCR possibilities.
I have never done much ocr with the iphone, so I am asking the question as someone who knows very little about it. I will probably by something like KNFB reader on my next iPhone and start experimenting.



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Friday, September 22, 2017

Hi. I cannot speak on possible or lack there of improvements. However, I think KNFB. Reader is way overpriced if you want to experiment. I've got a suggestion for you that you can experiment with FOR FREE! Try Seeing AI. BY microsoft. I've used it to disscribe images from my photos app, and it's really good! You can learn more about this on AppleVis. I'd advise you to look also at OCR. Converts Photos To Text. That's a free one also. They are both very good. You can learn more about it on here too. Unsure if there's an app entry, but I know for sure there's a forum topic on this one. Also, lookat Braigo. Another free solution that's pretty good. They are all very easy to use as well! Hope this helps!

Submitted by LaBoheme on Friday, September 22, 2017

i think you want aa new iphone anyway, so i don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, just buy it. since you are using a 6s plus, and so many people keep asking about new camera and improving ocr, i can tell your the new camera won't improve your ocr result at all.

the 8 and 8+ both have OIS, so it might improve the image, but unless you constantly have a serious hangover, the difference is minimal, and the 6s + already has OIS.

the dual camera in the plus model is good for wide angle shot, and the whole improvement in the camera and all the fancy filters are for taking beautiful pictures, it is completely overkill and unnecessary for ocr image. in fact, ocr software convert your fansy picture into plain greyscale before processing but we don't just buy a new phone for ocr, do we? we want to take good pictures, too.