Question about accessing DIRECTV on an Apple TV

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Can someone please help me? I have asked this question of "professionals" six times and gotten six different answers. What I need to know is this: I have directv in my house. I have a boat that HAS a strong wifi signal at the marina. I want to be able to watch directv on my boat as if I am watching it in my house. I'm not interested so much in recorded or on demand content. I just want to watch LIVE tv including things like the NFL Sunday ticket and NHL Center Ice. Anything I watch at home I want to be able to watch on my boat and only what I currently pay for. I was told Apple TV will do that for me. Can anyone confirm that OR if that is not correct, can anyone direct me (pardon the pun) to what I DO need to do? Thank you so much in advance.




Submitted by Esan on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hi Eric, it's Eric.

You can use Direct TV on your boat but you need to subscribe to Direct TV Now. It's not exactly the same service. It doesn't use a dish. It gives you tv over the internet. I believe the price starts at about $35 a month and they were doing a promo where they give you a free 32GB AppleTV for free if you sign up for 3 months. I think that promo is still on. Check with your local ATT store.
They also released a separate NFL Sunday Ticket app for which you might be able to use your current Direct TV credentials to log in.

Hope this helps,