Possible bug with scrubber controls

iOS and iPadOS

So I had a long chat with Apple care this morning, specifically the customers with disabilities support at 877-204-3930, and they reported this appears to be a bug. But the apple care rep I spoke with couldn't confirm it because it work fine on his iPHONE 7 but not on my iPHONE SE. I am using iOS 10.3.3.

What I called sliders they call scrubbers. These are the controls where the hint reads: ""swipe up or down with one finger to adjust the value". and it's spoken as an "adjustable" control. You can find these in many audio and video playing apps, but where I was having trouble was reading the scrubber for playing back videos or voice memos I'd created. That control was labeled "track position". And then when I went in to the movie scrubber the scrubbers for "trim from beginning" and "trim to end" which also are adjustable had the same issue. Also the scrubber in editing a video which appears between the two trim scrubbers, labeled "video position" had the same issue. And back in voice memos, I had the same problem attempting to read the scrubbers for trimming the voice memo as well.

And that issue is that they always read "zero seconds". On previous versions of iOS, 9 and below, they read correctly. I've tried double-tap and hold then moving my finger to adjust the scrubber. I tried flicking up and down to adjust the scrubber. And I tried closing and reopening the apps that used the scrubbers. No matter what I did, they always read zero seconds, though tech support through screen sharing could see them moving.

They still read correctly on my old iPOD touch. I remember them working fine in iOS9 but that was on an iPHONE 5c.

I am wondering if this is specific to the SE, because the support tech did not have an SE to test with. Can anyone else confirm they have the same issue with scrubbers not reading the time correctly?



Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Monday, July 31, 2017

So if I launch photos directly, it appears that the scrubbers work correctly. But if I choose "photo and video viewer" from the camera app that's when they are not correctly described by Voiceover. I think they must look slightly different when accessed this way and possibly the graphic isn't correctly tagged. I plan to report this direct to Apple after a bit more testing so my results are valid, but I hope some of you with iPHONE SE will try this as well.