Voiceover isn't announcing incoming calls.

Voiceover will say incoming call but then won't say whose calling. Even with Audio Ducking on it still cuts off whose calling. Sure stopping the ring tone and swiping isn't a big deal, still I would like it to announce the call or even for Siri to announce the call. I was told Siri won't do it because Voiceover is supposed to do it which it's not any suggestions?


Hmm, that's weird. Is the

Hmm, that's weird. Is the announce incoming calls announcement turned on under settings? I think there's an option somewhere that allows VO to speak the incoming number by default if it's turned on. The only time I don't hear incoming calls announced is when the device is either in my pocket, or if the silence/mute switch is in the mute position.

Announcing Incoming Calls

Under the Settings look for Phone. Under the Phone settings look for Announce calls. One of the options is to always announce incoming calls. It'll say unknown number if the caller is not in your contacts. I find it does well for my list of favorites when they call!

Its on

Yep I checked that I turned it on. Voiceover says incoming call from but then doesn't say who its from.

Re: It's on

Interesting! I'm sure your problem will be solbed! I tried to help as much as I could! Have a great day!



Just out of curiosity...
1. Is Your problem with calls received via the traditional Phone App? A friend recently complained of a similar problem, but we soon isolated it to calls coming via alternate services, such as Facebook & What's App etc. ?
2. On the locked Screen and while the phone is ringing, can you swipe to the caller info?
3. , if you look in the Phone App under Recent, is the caller information (Contact details if existing contact or Phone Number if not existing Contact) available?
If No to 2 and 3, you may be receiving calls from Blocked or Private numbers.
4. Does the behaviour change depending on which ringtone you have selected?



Good ideas

Good ideas let me do some tests and check everything out.