A Walk-Through and Demo of Dark Defender for Mac

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In this podcast Piotr Machacz gives us a demonstration of Dark Defender, a free Mac game inspired by an old arcade game in which fleets of alien abductors are slowly invading planetoids inhabited by humans. Your task is to clear as many planetoids as you can of alien abductors and kill as many of their motherships as possible.

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Definitely, this game is great!

Wonderful podcast. Well done, my friend. After having listened to this great demonstration of Dark Defender, I definitely have to download this awesome game as soon as possible. I like the sound FX. Excellent job, developers. Will this game be available in the App Store?

Have Played It a Few Times

Thanks for this great audio demo. I played the downloadable version a few times today. It's a nice game, and the sounds are cool. I can't wait for future developments to the game. I'm just killing time with it until the new Radegast developer re-appears, lol!

Great podcast, couple of questions

I missed the keystroke to fire; was it the f-key? For Windows, would you disable the screen reader to play also? Finally, it sounds like you cannot play with the iPhone, itself? Thanks.