Dark Defender


Description of App: 

Dark Defender is my second game inspired by an old arcade. This time, as the name suggests (because my imagination is just that bad) this game is based off of Defender).
Fleets of alien abductors are slowly invading planetoids inhabited by humans. Your task is to clear as many planetoids as you can of alien abductors and kill as many of their motherships as possible.


Beta 1

Free or Paid: 


Version Of macOS App Was Tested On: 

10.12.5, 10.13

Accessibility Comments: 

It's an Audio Game, so there aren't any accessibility issues. As the manual recommends, it's best to change the game to use "Web speech" in the speech settings menu, and then play with VoiceOver off as it interferes with the arrow keys.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

I helped testing this game and make sounds for it and I can say it's a blast to play. There's also a Windows version available on the site, as well as one that can be played On-line without downloading it though that will only work if using Chrome for now.

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