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hi all, I had to reset an iphone SE to fix a problem yesterday, and when I went to go reset it, I got a voiceover prompt i never got before, when I went to reset all settings. I wonder if anyone has gotten this before. when resetting the phone, it said iphone shutting down as it always does, but then something new happened. after a few seconds voiceover came back on in samanthas voice and said resetting iphone. then it came back on a few seconds later after this prompt. so my question is, if anyone has reset their phones, lately has anyone elese gotten this prompt, and do you think this means we might finnaly be getting say progress prompts when updating over the air via voiceover in the future iOS updates?



Submitted by brandon armstrong on Sunday, June 11, 2017

if this is the case about voiceover prompts and updates, it's a huge step in the right direction. also, I've been noticing siri tweeks with the weather and it saying something like expect a high and this trend to continue, something else i've never gotten before.

Submitted by rachel on Monday, June 19, 2017

This certainly sounds promising. Previously when I've re-set my iPhone, I've had the "iPhone shutting down message", then no audio feedback whatsoever for what feels like ages. Since I rely totally on audio feedback due to not being able to see the screen at all, I've always felt pretty anxious during this seemingly long period of silence where I am receiving no updates telling me what's going on. It would be good to think that what you have described will be happening for us all during future updates/re-sets; just these simple little updates to reassure us that all is well.

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