Will VoiceOver be Getting Any Major Enhancements in iOS 11?

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I know there will be bug fixes, but I was wondering if VO was going to get any major enhancements? So many apps are inaccessible because they are graphics based. It would be amazing if Voice Over could have some kind of OCR reginition that would allow us to access more of them, such as some of the games.

I know I am just dreaming, but thought I'd ask.



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All we can do is watch and wait. From what I've heard, Apple will be talking about ios. 11 at the WWDC. (Worldwide Developers Conference), which is in June. There have been some articles coming out from various news outlets, but honestily, I'm reading them, but with Apple, you kind of need to take what's said with a grain of salt. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for June to come around. I'll be anxiously checking here, as well as other news outlets, because I agree, I'd love to see what (if any) accessibility improvements will be coming down the pike.

Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Very true. Also, Apple may have a special symposium on disability stuff like VoiceOver and Zoom, so keep your ears out. They do broadcast some of the WWDC stuff, so i'm sure if there is one, we'll hear about it here.

Submitted by Bellsfurmama on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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I hope they do. That would be fantastic.

Submitted by Remy on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The implementation of a magnifier into IOS 10 was a fantastic example of accessibility. Sure, it isn't quite as good as some other magnification apps out there, but it can definetly hold its own. With a bit of tweeking it could be made even better. Honestly, one thing I've been wishing for forever is to be able to read elements by sentence and paragraph, in addition to Character, Word and (if you're lucky and it works, line). Some OCR functionality would be a cool idea though. A nice OCR roter selection would be a great thing let me tell you. For screen or object maybe? yes?

Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I think Apple should bring the novelty voices that are on the Mac in to iOS 11. Apple should even bring all the Mac voices to iOS. That would take up a lot of storage space on an iPhone. What would happen if all the novelty voices from the Mac came to iOS 11?

Personally, I will be one of the happiest if Apple would to bring all Mac voices to iOS. I wouldn't worry about storage, because it is manageable. It is going to be on users decision to choose which voice they want to have on their devices, based on factors like storage space and personal preference. Not that I'm dissatisfied with what we have now, it's just that the more options we have, the better. No matter what, any single improvements to VoiceOver and accessibility in general in iOS 11 and other Apple platforms will be much welcome

Submitted by Remy on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I have not heard many of the Mac voices aside from that however. It would be nice to have a little more variety for people who need that. Of course this is all personal preference, but I have not found a voice I like more than the default female voice. I tried some of the others, even Alex everybody raves about. Honestly I can't stand him. I have not heard many of the Mac voices aside from that however. It would be nice to have a little more variety for people who need that

Submitted by Portia Scott on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hello there,

Yes, we will have to wait and see what happens. Let's all hope that accessibility including updates to Voiceover does get better, in future iOS versions, Including iOS 11. There are a lot of rumors regarding iOS 11, and also WWDC, but we don't know if any of them are true. We'll just have to see. Still exciting though, as it is around the corner. I can't wait to see what happens.

Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

All of these hopes and dreams are great. Has anyone shot an email to Apple about this? I'm not talking the accessibility one, I mean the feedback. After all, a small improvement I got for the Mac, was when an installation is being done, it used to just leave you on the Apple logo. Now, you're able to read the percentage progress. All because I spoke up. Ok, maybe I shouldn't be that in love with myself, maybe they had planned on doing that. As for the novelty voices, I hate them. I don't use that word often, but seriously how are you supposed to read an article with a laughing dectalk impersonation? I wish I could delete everything but my own personal choice, Alex. Nothing seems better for my needs then him. sorry, got on a mac rant. Seriously, make these suggestions to feedback about IOS. That's the only way you'll get things done. You don't think the geniuses at Apple read this site right? That's a laugh. :) God I could only imagine how a serous pro from Apple would handle all our whining and moaning that goes on here.


I am sure someone has or will talk to Apple. I'm not whining here, was just saying that we will have to see what happens. There are a lot of rumors from tech enthusiasts on YouTube, that's why I said we'll have to see what happens when WWDC comes around.

LOL! My motto is, I'll believe the rumors/leaks when I see/hear them come true. I don't just fall for anything. I believe things when I hear or see them happen. Will just have to see what voiceover improvements Apple makes when iOS 11 comes up.