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Braille on Apple Products

I have an iPhone SE running the latest version of iOS 10. I have always used Braille Screen Input with success on this phone. Now however, when I activate Braille Screen input, it opens in table top mode and turning the device will not put it into screen away mode. On my iPod Touch running the same iOS this is not an issue, and it just started happening last night on my phone. I rebooted the phone and toggled VO, to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks!



Submitted by kool_turk on Friday, May 12, 2017

When in braille screen input, swipe with 3 fingers to toggle orientation.

It sounds like it got turned on somehow.

Keep in mind that locking the orientation in braille screen input only locks it for braille, not the rest of the phone itself.

Submitted by Bonnie on Monday, April 16, 2018

I started using BSI in about December of 2017. Much of the time, it worked pretty close to flawlessly. However, lately, and my phone has the latest update, 6S, and so much of the time, even when I calibrate, though it says the correct dot numbers at calibration, when I start brailing, it says the wrong dot numbers and consequently the wrong letters. It is so maddening because as I said, when it works it is wonderful. Lately, it doesn't matter what I do and when I do get it working, it works for a short time and then quits again. I like it in Screen-away mode and I put my home button on the right. What I don't really understand is how it can say 4, 5, 6 when I calibrate and then when I put my ring finger on the exact place where the 6 had been at calibration, it says dot 5. I thought I finally had a way of sending text messages without having an extra device or having to dictate. Has anyone else experienced more problems with this? Can you tell I'm sad and mad? Okay, done! Thanks for your suggestions!

Hi, You may want to ask sighted help to make sure you aren't inadvertently changing how you hold the phone. It's easy to do. I'd also recommend looking at both the guide on applevis on this topic, along with the comments on a computer and play with the phone as you read. While away mode is easier to learn, it can cause great strain on your hands. I had to switch to tabletop layout for that reason.

Submitted by alex wallis on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I can confirm this as an issue as well, plus an issue where when say I am typing a web address and after I insert my second period or full stop it gets converted to a number 4 along with any subsequent dot inputs there is a work around for this of doing a space, then deleting it and continuing to type but its very annoying. and I experience the issue with the wrong dots frequently exactly like bonny describes. the really annoying thing is I reported both issues to apple and they claim they can't reproduce them, I even offered to visit there hq when I was in the US and nearby so I could demonstrate the bugs and they could even analyze my phone, but they declined my offer. I think they are not interested in fixing the issues. I am not the only person who is experiencing these issues as well and I have experimented with changing from uk to UEB, grade 2 to grade 1 etc, no joy its clearly not a corruption of my settings because I can get the issue to happen no problem on anyone elses phone certainly the period issue the dot issue seems more random, and I am using it on an iPhone x.

Today it worked perfectly when I just put in my email address here on the Applevis site. I find that it is so unpredictable. When I first started using it, I could do it when I was either sitting up or lying down. It is wonderful to be able to write a text or post something in the middle of the night without waking up my husband because I can keep the speech really low. This just needs to be more reliable. I am going to write a detailed note to a friend who works for Apple Accessibility and hopefully they will take a look at it. I have been using UEB with it and the only really weird thing that happens for me, when it is working, that its, is that if you accidentally forget something at the end of a word and that something happens to be a Braille contraction as well as a letter, then it adds the contracted word instead of the letter. Since it is so easy to delete the whole word and rewrite it, I just do that and continue. If an email included a number write before the period, you would probably need to include the grade 1 indicator terminator which is dots 56and then dot 3. Knowing he rules of UEB are definitely important for writing the time, dollar symbols and so on.

Submitted by SoundSchemer on Saturday, April 21, 2018

When bsi obeys, it's good. However, every time the bsi needs to be recalibrated, it can be a bit of a pain. I have nearly gotten used to using bsi. :)