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So have installed the game crafting kingdom, after reading the write-up and the encouraging statement that the game is fully accessible with voiceover. However, it appears that the developers are aware that there is in fact an issue with accessibility as they have made a suggestion for the possibility that accessibility mode is not automatically generated. However, the suggestion made is to three finger triple tap the screen, which every voiceover user knows is actually the gesture to toggle screen curtain on and off and is therefore not a workable solution to the unavailability of accessibility mode.

So, it happened that when I installed the game accessibility mode hasn't been automatically enabled. And as such there is no workaround. Have removed and reinstalled the game to see if that changes things but that hasn't made a difference.

It therefore appears that we have a game which is accessible to some, but not to all, with no means of making that happen presumably until future updates if those are forthcoming.

It is heartening when developers give some thought to accessibility. But thoroughly disheartening when it appears this was only a half-hearted thought process. Clearly the developers have little understanding of the workings of voiceover given their workaround suggestion.

Have given the app a one star review as a result.



Submitted by Adaria on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This is unfortunate. The only thing wrong with the instructions is that you need to turn voiceover off and then do the three finger gesture. Do that in the game and it will work fine. You can even turn voiceover back on to play at that point if you want. Be aware if you do VO gestures will not work as expected in the app such as rotor and such and it may be a bit slower than with voiceover off. Once you restart the game as you will do a lot accessability mode may not start automatically and just repeat this step too fix it. This was a new API from what I read elsewhere and it is not perfect yet but they are continually working on the app with us blind and VI folks to get accessability issues fixed.

Submitted by alex wallis on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Is leaving a 1 star review really the best way to encourage a developer to fix issues basically with leaving a 1 star review you have had a tantrum and said there app is awful, it works fine for me, I appreciate it doesn't work for you though. also rather than starting this as a new topic there is actually a big thread relating to crafting kingdom on applevis already set up by the developer which is actively watched. did you try turning the phone off and on again? also quitting VoiceOver once the game is running might be a way to wake accessibility up, though it should activate automatically with voiceOver on. Your entitled to your views of course, but also leaving a 1 star review really knocks a developers app rating back and it takes a lot of positive reviews for them to get there rating back up. if you take a look at the actual big crafting kingdom thread on applevis fairly early on Michelle the developer does give her email address, so I would say try reaching out to them first before being so negative. on the big crafting kingdom thread Michelle also points out that accessibility for the game is provided by a beta version of an accessibility plugin, if you write on the main crafting kingdom thread or find michelles email address I am sure they can help sort your issue.

Submitted by falcon wings on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I am able to play/ use this app just fine,and when you say that the process was halfhearted,and clearly the developers have no understanding of how voiceover works, it brings out the level of understanding,research and the like you've gone into.
Next time you may want to research a little more before you go about having tantrums.

The Developer has been in constent communications with not only in the applevis community but as well. there are 2 different topics about it here alone.
The feedback of users was taken at the very beginning stages, that is from the outset and the game is done in unity, and a special plugin used as well for accessibility, to me that would be the best a developer could do,and does not appear halfhearted or lack of VO understanding/knowledge.

Either way,well done, and carry on.

Submitted by alex wallis on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

before this accessibility plugin came along no unity games could be made accessible, this changes all that, the developer has done an outstanding job with accessibility, and from what they have said it wasn't easy to make the game accessible because of the way unity which is the engine that runs the game works. Its because of this unity that ordinary VoiceOver gestures don't work, but to be honest you don't really need them flicks and double taps work, you don't really need the rotor. also, this is a game originally designed for sighted players, and its nice we are being considered from the ground up not just an afterthought as happens so often with app developers. I just hope narrow minded comments like those of the original poster don't alienate the developer. By all means leave 1 star reviews for apps I certainly have in the past, but I always try on several occasions to contact developers to try to work with them before doing so. It sounds like that no effort has been made to contact them at all. In fact I am going to pop into the appstore now to leave a 5 star review hopefully undo at least a little bit of damage from that 1 star review, in fact will take the time to actually read it. unfortunately the twitter information on the app entry I believe is still out of date unless its been updated since I last checked the developer did ask for this to be updated but not sure if anyone has done so. but for reference the crafting kingdom developers email address is,

Submitted by venova on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I am also going to do that because I think they have done brilliant work on this game. This is a game I have been hoping for and the best part is accessibillity is integrated, not put in as an afterthought wich often is the case.

Submitted by Anthony on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I'm going to do that also because I like the game and then I'm out of work. I can't wait to see what they make better into it I met a lot of work is what I was trying to say

Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When you're using a "beta" note I said "beta", version of a plugin that adds accessibility, sometimes things aren't going to work as expected. Just because it doesn't work correctly on one phone doesn't mean its the same for everyone else. I would suggest doing more research before going off, and leaving a 1-star review. I'm glad others are supporting this developer, and actually trying to help out instead of bitching.

Submitted by Blind Adrenaline on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hey guys, let's turn this negative thread into a positive one. This developer has gone above and beyond to make their game accessible, and they have done a wonderful job. If you haven't yet voted for this app, I implore you to go and give it a 5 star rating. We have paid nothing for hours of entertainment from this great game, so please consider taking a minute to show some support and encourage not only this developer, but potentially others as well and show them we stand with them and their hard work bringing us accessible entertainment.

Submitted by DrummerGuy on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

After all the hard work that Michelle and her team are putting into this game, a one star rating seems to me very, very unfair.
I think we all should read and look for information before taking an action like this.
I, for one, I am one of the beta testers for this game and I am very happy to know that from day one, Michelle and her team have been very receptive towards the different suggestions that we have made. First of all, this game was originally intended for sighted people and Michelle and her team walked the extra mile to make it accessible for us in the blind community.
I am very thankful to them for having taken The time to make this happen for all of us.
Many improvements have been made. Yes, there are some things that need to be fixed yet, but they will be fixed soon. Crafting kingdom is an awesome game and the developers have done an excellent job on this considering the fact that the plug-in that they are using was not voiceover friendly.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

`Totally agree. The devs have gone way above and beyond in order to insure that the accessibility related issues are solves as soon as possible. It's not very often that this forum has such incredible interactions with any dev. Yes, their engine has some issues, but, on the other hand, they have made vast improvements in a very short amount of time, too. Giving the app a 5 star rating will help to elevate this game in the App Store ratings system.

Keep of the fantastic work Crafting Kingdom. We love the game.

Submitted by Toonhead on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I've given this game a go and it's not my particular thing, but I still urge people to at least try it out, and give it a good rating because of all the work being done to make it accessible.

Submitted by David Standen on Thursday, May 4, 2017

This isn't my type of game either but I really wanted to give it a go. Michelle has done a wonderful job in making this game accessible. Her other game, Blindiematch, also works fine.

Submitted by Michelle on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hi, I'm the developer of the game.
Claire, first of all let me say that I'm sorry that accessibility mode didn't turn on automatically. Based on your feedback I think I should extend the game's description to explain that using the three finger triple tap inside the game will not affect your screen curtain setting at all. It will stay at what it is.
This isn't a feature we added in, it's just that all VoiceOver gestures stop working while a Unity app is active.

I experimented around with various gestures to turn on and off the accessibility mode before I ended up on this one. I couldn't use any one or two finger gestures, because many games use one or two finger input. It also had to be a gesture that no sighted player would do by accident, so most swipes and single and even double taps are fairly out of the question. There were also some issues with the iOS Zoom feature, which different to VoiceOver still kinda works even in Unity and uses its own gestures. In the end, the three finger triple tap was a safe bet, because it's already known to VoiceOver users and needs no complicated explanations. It's also very unlikely to be done by accident by sighted users. Since the screen curtain cannot be turned on or off during the game anyway, it seems like a good compromise. Does that make sense?

Did you ever get the game working? I would really like to find out why accessibility mode didn't turn on automatically when you started the game. If it happened to you, it probably has happened to others too and they never spoke up. I would really like to try and find the bug that caused this. Could you tell me what phone or iPad you are using, which OS version, whether VoiceOver was on at the very first start of the app, and whether you have any other accessibility services running?