Please tell me how to get Kindle and braille working

Braille on Apple Products

Michael Feir posted in another topic and mentioned that Kindle was accessible in braille on iOS 10.
Please Michael if you read this, please tell me how to do this.
All I got was a blank screen and some built-in voice reading something and I had to just run away to the Home screen.
If Kindle works in braille I will be one HAPPY woman.
I have a focus 14.



Submitted by Michael Feir on Saturday, December 17, 2016

When you're using Braille, I find that it's best to get into the book using gestures on your iOS device. There are actually a set of commands to let you do pretty much everything from your display but I don't know them all. I find it easier just to use the gestures on my iPHONE. Once you're actually in the book, turn off speech with the three-fingered double-tap. Voiceover needs to still be on but it can operate without speaking. That way, you can read Braille using your display controls and not have the voice chatting insanely away. I use the two round buttons at the left and right front ends of the display to advance chunk by chunk. When I'm done reading, I turn speech back on with another three-fingered double-tap. Don't forget to look through the Braille settings in the Voiceover settings. You can customise quite a bit of how things work in Braille. I don't find I have to do anything special with the Kindle app. If your display works elsewhere in iOS, it should work fine with the Kindle app. Best of luck to you, and happy holidays. I hope this was helpful.

Submitted by Wizier on Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hello there:

I use a Focus 40 with my iPhone 7, and I don't have to do anything special with the Kindle app to read the books in braille. If you open the application, and select the book you want to read, you can press space + m to turn speech off. This is a toggle shortcut key, so pressing it again turns speech on. If you can give more specific details of what your issue is; maybe we can help you solve it.



Submitted by UndergroundRiver on Saturday, December 17, 2016

I must have had an old inaccessible version the time I tried it before.
I can get into a sample book, but now I am stuck in the book and don't know the command to get the menu or library list back.

Submitted by Michael Feir on Saturday, December 17, 2016

I just double-tap with one finger on the screen and get back that way. There's definitely a set of commands which let you do it all from the Braille display. I just don't know them. They're likely covered in the user guide for your iOS device. They may be reachable from the web site. Otherwise, just get the user guide from iBOOKS for iOS10.2 that's appropriate for your device and look through the Voiceover section. Personally, I've always found the on-screen gestures a much easier alternative and just activate speech when I want to use them.

Submitted by UndergroundRiver on Saturday, December 17, 2016

I don't mind using estures; I just had no idea what to do to get that menu back so thanks for the info!
Is there any info on the Kindle app so I know what commands to use on the screen?
I don't think double tapping even has a braille display key. Apple doesn't let me reassign what braille keys do which is mega annoying.
but yeah the gestures are fine except I don't really know the complex ones and I don't know if Kindle would say which ones to use with VO.
Thanks so much for the ifno!

Submitted by Ben Swiggett on Saturday, December 17, 2016


You can launch Voiceover Practice, and then press commands on your display to see what they do.

Submitted by UndergroundRiver on Saturday, December 17, 2016

Oh, good idea. I'll look that up on Apple's website and find out what gestures do what and then practice them.
I am kinda green when it cokmes to gestures.
Kindle works but of course the book I want isn't available in my region grr publishers!

Submitted by Ben Swiggett on Saturday, December 17, 2016

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You don't have to look on the website. Just open the voiceover settings and double tap on voiceover practice. Then, just hit a key and listen to what Voiceover tells you.

Submitted by Brian Tew on Sunday, December 18, 2016

Also to quickly discover what a gesture or key combination does you can enter help mode.
If you go into help mode each keystroke or gesture is described but not performed.
This is a different thing from the full voiceover practice.
Dots 1-3-space enters help mode, and dots 1-2-space stops it.
The gesture to enter help mode is a four-finger double tap.
That same gesture will stop help mode.
And another way to leave help is the two-finger scrub.

Submitted by Michael Feir on Sunday, December 18, 2016

There aren't too many special gestures. Double-tapping while in a book exposes a smaller menu. Double-tapping on the "menu" button in that little menu lets you access the full menu which has a "library" option. Double-tapping this gets you back to the library. Not as straightforward as it could be but very workable. Swiping downward with two fingers while in a book begins reading it continuously. Tapping once should pause and resume reading. While in the larger menu, continue flicking right and you can get to the table of contents and move around a book that way. Just a through: Do you have your Voiceover hints turned on? They're found in the verbocity option in Voiceover settings. When hints are enabled, you are told about gestures useful in your current context. I suspect you might not have hints enabled.

Submitted by WriterGirl on Sunday, December 18, 2016

I use my Focus 40 with the Kindle app and have been able to control it completely with braille keystrokes. A cursor key is the equivalent of a double tap and will open the menu from anywhere within the book. Space with dot 4 acts like an arrow key that will move through the menu, and space dot 1 moves back through the menu. You can also use the pan keys or rocker bars on your Focus for this. I believe space B goes back to the library from the book, but don't quote me on that because it may be from an older version. Space with o turns the page, and space OW goes back a page. Basically the Kindle app works with the universal IOS braille commands, and I think you can probably find a guide here on Applevis that lists them all. There is also a way to convert Kindle books to EPUB to be read in other apps like Voice Dream Reader if that would be easier for you. HTH! :)

I'm posting this for the benefit of the woman who posted a question about reading a book. You should check your Braille settings by selecting settings from the home screen, then general, accessibility, VoiceOver, and Braille. Make sure that page flip is enabled. Then the Kindle app will turn pages back and forth when you pan a Braille display forward or backward. You will hear a soft beep when the page turns. For a person with hearing challenges, the beep isn't helpful. When you reverse pan to go to a previous page, the text scrolls to the top of that page, and not to the last line of the page. About all I've been able to do besides read is open and close a book, and go to the menu. I use a Braille Sense which uses the cursor routing buttons as an enter key. Sometimes only certain buttons work. I tend to use screen gestures most of the time. it's too bad there aren't any Braille navigation commands specifically for the Kindle app.

Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On my old iOS 6 iPOD 4G the Kihndle app works less effectively with Braille than on any device with a later iOS. The newer the Kindle app the better.

Be sure if you are getting general weirdness to simply close all unneeded apps from the app switcher. Even though you theoretically can keep lots of apps open that sometimes messes with VO and with Braille.

The K-Cord, mentioned in an earlier post on my Focus 14 Blue and a VarioUltra turns on the help mode so that any key pressed announces and displays its function in Braille. I always think of K as knowledge, when I don't have knowledge of a particular chord command or gesture I do the"knowledge" cord.

I too have used the Kindle app exclusively with Braille and sometimes it looses focus especially when flipping pages or if I'm using the older incarnation of the app on my older iPOD. On my new iPHONE and my employer's iPAD there is no problem.

There is a free Kindle book that lists all the VoiceOver gestures. Search on Amazon for VoiceOver gestures and you should find this Kindle book. It takes about ten minutes to read.

Submitted by Dan TeVelde on Monday, January 22, 2018

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Is there an iOS app which would let me either open, or convert Kindle books into another format which i could use to read books on my phone? I have the Windows Codex program, but it doesn't always work.