Westminster Chimes App & IOS6

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Hi: Wondering if there has been any additional information on Westminster Chimes not working properly in IOS6. I have the app on my iPhone 4S, running IOS5.1.1 with no issues & love the app. I'm concerned (based on previous forum posts) that if I upgrade to IOS6 Westminster Chimes won't work as well (if at all) as it did with IOS5.1.1. I'd appreciate hearing any more information on this subject. Thanks.



Submitted by Astra on Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello I have said something rather stupid about this,having read Adam's comments. I put IOS6 on both my iPods presuming that everything is fine, I have just tried to use the Westminster Chimes app on it and yes, got it in one, useless, now I've lost the original app from February which could change the start and end times, and this is all I hear, after opening the app is: "play chimes off" and if I double tap, goes straight out of the app. I may as well delete the app from this Ipod completely. It does work on the other ipod running IOS6, but there is no option to change the start and end times. As in my rather premature comment, I have been in touch with the developer about this and maybe something will come of it. I have certainly learned a lesson and will have to go through all the apps and see what worksand what doesn't.

There was an update about 2 days ago. For me, it works fine now. According to a poster, The start times don't show up. I don't have an issue with that. My start and end times work well. I have mine to turn on at 6 AM and off at 9 PM. they work fine cynce the last update.

Hi I downloaded the update this morning. Absolutely useles!!! No chimes whatsoever on my iPod, tried shutting it down completely, but still nothing, despite saying all settings are correct. I haven't a clue how you managed to set the start and end times if they are not labelled. Hit and miss don't come into it!!!s

Submitted by Adam on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hi Everyone: My fears seem to have been for nothing. I've upgraded to IOS6 on my iPhone 4S & updated to the current version of Westminster Chimes. I haven't run into any problems & everything seems to work well. Hope those of you that were having issues have got the app working for you now. Regards, Adam