Using Steem with VoiceOver, Spesifically playing UnderTale with VoiceOver.

macOS and Mac Apps

Does anyone know off hand whether playing Tobey Fox's game UnderTale would be accessible with screen readers, spesifically VoiceOver? I just heard about this game from some friends of mine, and they want me to play it very badly. However, I do not wish to purchase something that I cannot play.
Thank you, your help is most appreciated.



Submitted by Marconius on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Unfortunately the Mac version of steam is completely and utterly inaccessible. None of the on-screen controls are viewable by voiceover. You would absolutely need sighted assistance to try to run the game, and even then I am unsure if the game itself is accessible at all. Highly highly unlikely that it is. As a former steam gamer with over 100 games in my library and now no longer being able to see or use it, I have always found this to be really frustrating.

Submitted by Changeling on Friday, April 22, 2022

I just tried Steam and it is still inaccessible. Maddeningly, I can use the image recognition to read the controls, and I was able to log into my account, and I can see my game library. I can't install anything. Tried to do it remotely from Safari, but can't find the install buttons on the page. I feel like there are pieces of myself scattered over the Internet when something like this happens. Very frustrating.

Submitted by Jenna Pepper on Saturday, April 23, 2022

Club AppleVis Member

I've no experience on Mac, but Steam is useable with some wrestling on Windows. I recently started playing Stardew Valley with good success. You can manage your profile, game purchases, and in some cases installation through the website rather than the client. Other than that, your only real option is to write to about the atrocious accessibility of their platform, especially now that the blind gaming community is growing.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Saturday, April 23, 2022

Should be noted that all steam games don't run on all platforms. For example, the awesome space rhythm racing game, Sequence Storm, is not available on mac which is a great shame though, considering the hoops steam refuse to remove, maybe we shouldn't even be trying to fund the platform.

The very obvious irony is, there are games on steam such as audio wizards and The Vale, which are designed for sightless players... As certain people say.. Go figure.