Uber eats issue

iOS & iPadOS

It's carlos, have any of you used the Uber eats app question I just looked at it to try to order from McDonald's. And when I selected the item, there was a place to say if you do not want something special instructions but it was deemed, also to the right of that there was something that said plus one or -1 and that also was didn't I mean dined well dictation doesn't seem to be working well, it was deemed out so you couldn't type anything into that has anyone experienced this is your Uber eats even accessible I hope that people right Uber and say there is a problem with this app, because I don't think it's very accessible, thank you carlos



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Sunday, February 12, 2017

I know plenty of peopel who use this app. By the way they are totally blind. One of them lives here in my city, she says it is awsome. I have not tried this, Not comfortable doing this actually.

Submitted by Luke on Thursday, February 16, 2017

I use it regularly and it ultimately is accessible but it takes some getting used to. basically , click the button at the top of the app to enter and save your delivery address, choose from the list of restaurants, select the food items you want and any options within them as desired and hit View Cart at the bottom of the app to finalize the order. Pretty straightforward, although they could use elements like headings for the restaurant lists and menus to make these sections easier to traverse using the roter. Try it though -- it's pretty awesome being able to have food show up at your door! :)