Changing the order in which songs appear in an iTunes Playlist

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Hello everyone,
I am creating a huge playlist and am missing stuff. I want it to be in a certain order. When i add this song that I am missing it is going to add it to the end of a playlist. Normally that'd be fine, but this is a special case where it has to be the first song in the list. How do I move it to the first song in the list, while the first song which is currently there goes to number 2?
I really hope I can do this without a bunch of fulling around and not mess something up with the songs that are currently there. This is using the latest iTunes on OS X El Capitan.



Submitted by Macky on Monday, January 11, 2016

You can use the control, option, command shift and space command to perform a mouse down on a track once it's in a play list, then move up or down with control option up or down arrow. Once in the desired place, perform the control, option, command, shift, space again to perform a mouse up. The only issue you may have here is sometimes if you read to the bottom of your list, even although VoiceOver is reading it out its not actually on the screen which means the mouse down mouse up technique I've outlined above won't work until you scroll the screen down to make it visible. This can prove to be a bit frustrating but with a little trial and error you'll be fine. HTH

Submitted by Orinks on Monday, January 11, 2016

The mouse down command works, and when I click edit playlist in that table, I interact with the table and do a go to end to scroll to the bottom. However, what I previously did to move songs is no longer working for this one song. I move songs by doing a mouse down command on it, scroll to what I want and do a VO mouse click and it usually moves to the right place. With this 235th song, however, mouse click isn't doing anything, nor is mouse up once it is at the right place. Is there a way to scroll through it fast while moving the VO curser and regular curser? I ask because I need to get this song which is 235 to the number 1 first song.

Submitted by soni on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I tried this command but it is not working for me. Is there a step I am missing? I did exactly as was stated in the comment. I even tried to copy and paste but that wouldn't work either. When I cut and paste, I lost what I had done.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Doing the playlist for my sisters wedding and thought it would be easier to edit order on mac than on my iPhone. Does this technique still work? I've tried it to no success.

I get onto the table do VO shift down to interact with the table, and do the whole mouse down and mouse up thing but nothing seems to move. Is there some step I'm missing, IE having to tell the mouse to follow VoO curser or something?

Would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.