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I have already posted this reference in the IOS Forum but, I have an IPAD, iPhone, and a Mac Mini. I am preparing to go to law school but, need help with finding accessible materials for the MAC or I Products to study with for the LSAT... If anyone has any ideas that would be great! Because I am lost for thought Someone who is blind would be most preferred especially if they've been in the Law School scene but, I always encourage sighted to help! lol



Submitted by Eirik the Red on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hi. First, I'm assuming that you'll be attending law school in the US. If this isn't the case, then most of the apps I'm going to recommend will only be marginally useful. If you are, in fact, going to be studying in the States, you might find the following to be of help. I've used most of them, and they're all pretty accessible with VO: 1. Any app by Supreme Bar Review. These are video courses about various legal topics, and they work extremely well with VO. I used them extensively when I was studying law, and I found them to be invaluable, especially for exam preparation. They currently offer the following apps: criminal procedure, contracts and sales, real property, constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, torts, and MPRE review. The only stumbling block is that they come with a pretty hefty price tag, but I found them to be worth it. 2. A company called Modality used to offer a number of flashcard-based legal apps designed for exam preparation, but they no longer seem to be available on the Appstore. However, a search for "law in a flash" did reveal some free apps offered by other companies that seem to offer the same functionality. There's probably an in-app purchase required to unlock some features, but at least you could check the accessibility level before committing. These are the most obvious apps I can think of at the moment, but I'll post more comments if I come up with any more. Good luck with your studies.

Those video oriented apps are perfect! However, I forgot to mention that I need prep material for the LSAT in general such as Logic Games and Reading and Comprehensions apps that might help for the test... other than apps themselves if there are any other sources out there that are electronic I would be interested to see those as well. As noted I do not read braille either so this electronic material is pertinent Thanks

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