Which do people recommend, MS Word 2016 or Pages?

macOS and Mac Apps

I am trying to figure out weather it would be easier to use MS Word 2016 or Pages?
Which is easier to navigate and format with Voice Over?

I know that when I used to use MS Word on a PC there was a shortcut for the ribbon, I have yet to find this on the Mac.
I am typing letters, as well as papers for school, and therefore I will need to do work cited and bibliographies.

I need to be able to create an accessible document so that it can be navigated using Headings with the Levels.
Is this possible in pages and word?

I purchased an annual subscription for Office 2016 which would allow me to have it on up to 5 devices.
As my Braille Embosser is more easily compatible with PC compared to Mac.

I often receive Documents on Ms Word and instead of the formatting being changed I would like to be abl;e to open them directly in Word if it is accessible.

Thank you



Submitted by Roland on Friday, January 27, 2017

if, and only if, you can live with Pages I'ld go for it. Word accessibility on Mac is constantly improving but as of today I still experience the show blocker bug where scrolling through pages randomly jumps back to the beginning of the document elsewhere.
However, don't expect a complex document converted from Pages and then back to MS Word to look still the same. Pages lacks many features you would expect from a modern word processor often used in formatting such as field variables.
Therefore: If you need to collaborate with Word users, just go for word and make sure you subscribe to the Beta releases.