Having issues with Fruitpot version 1.44 & iPhone 7, no speech when spinning

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Hi all,

I just upgraded Fruitpot to version 1.44.
I am running iOS 10.2.1 on an iPhone 7.
When pressing the spin button in the game, I hear the sountd effects when spinning, but the contents of the wheels are not spoken.
If I explore by touch, I can read the wheels, but I was getting the contents spoken in the previous version.

I am wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue.


Bob Hill



Submitted by BigPawedBear on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi, yes same issue, and i even made the mistake of uninstalling fruitpot and reinstalling, bad move as lost all chips and everything i'd spun for. i am a bit angry about this loss really, as it took me ages to acumulate everything. i can't even restore purchases on this game like i can others. to disable voiceover speaking the reels automatically after making such improovement last version is not very good. i have the same ios and fruitpot version as the above poster. i'm using ia iphone SE ios 10.2.1

Submitted by Clare Page on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi! I have the same problem on my iPhone 6 running IOS 10.2.1, with Voiceover not automatically reading the reels and needing to explore by touch to know what symbols are on them: in fact, I think every Fruitpot player who uses VoiceOver has this problem; However, I wish to point out that the developer didn't deliberately stop the reels being read by VO: he admitted in the comments thread of the AppleVis App Directory entry for Fruitpot that he made a mistake in the coding of Fruitpot 1.44 which meant that VO couldn't read the reels, and he has already submitted a corrected version to Apple, which should hopefully soon be released.

Submitted by Bob on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Well, Fruitpot was updated today, and the problem has been fixed.
Kudos to the developer for such a quick turn-around.
Thank you.

Submitted by Toonhead on Thursday, January 26, 2017

I simply can't seem to wrap my head around this app, I think it's the fact that it's in landscape mode, and I am so used to everything being in portrait. I'm not saying it's bad that it's this way, I just know how to orient things a bit better when apps are in portrait mode. Ok, so i'm gonna spin the reels and i'll tell you what happens, obviously if I get one that has 3 different types of symbols, i'll ignore that. ok, here we go! Banana, grapes, banana. Obviously, we want to see if we can get 3 in a row. I have zero nudges. the first instance of grapes says that bananas are next, but I don't have any nudges. I listened to the podcast and it was done very well but it went by so fast that I wasn't quite able to work out how to work this game. For anyone interested I was able to get a jackpot, purely by luck and I watched a video and was somehow able to get 14 holds, none of which I really know how to use. I really want to like this game, and i'm so glad that the reels finally read again, but I just need help filling in the missing gaps.

Submitted by Troy B on Monday, August 7, 2017

I just installed the game today and when I open it all I can find is the info button, and double-tapping that doesn't seem to do anything. All I hear when flicking either right to left or left to right is heading and the noise letting me know that there's nothing else there. Btw I'm using an iPhone 7. I don't know what version this is but can anybody help?