Are any of these bugs fixed in ios 10.2?

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Hi, I use an iPhone 5 with ios 10.1.1 and I have several bugs on it which are quite annoying and was curious if any of these are fixed on ios 10.2?

This is the list of bugs:
-I've noticed is when I'm dictating a message while using voiceover, often VO will just stop working. When I asked a sighted person, the phone was still working so I tried turning up the volume which did nothing... Then I plugge in my earphones and there is sound through the earphones! Whenever this happens, I have to restart my phone by holding down the home and sleep buttons.
- There is an issue with the automatic switch between speakerphone and earphone... When I'm calling someone, I like to call and then put the phone up to my ear and then down to chage to speakerphone, but when the other person answers the call, it reverts back to the earphone... Could you please fix it so it stays as speakerphone once it is switched to it?
- Speakerphone function for voicemails... I used to be able to just lift my phone up and then bring it down to change to speaker, but this function stopped working since ios 9...
- When writing messages in the message ap or other messaging aps... While typing my message, if there are emoticons in the message, when I flick through the message to edit, the ap closes and when I go back to it, the message I was working on is gone. Very frustrating.
- it is not possible to swipe left and right to move between the received and sent messages while composing a message.
- VoiceOver has some issues reporting emoji. VoiceOver will remain silent instead of saying the emoji name, and sometimes it takes 2 swipes to go past an emoji instead of one.
- When using the iOS emoji keyboard, VoiceOver will say a number after an emoji name, for example, ”grinning face with squinting eyes 36”.
- Double tapping does not work sometimes and have to close and reopen ap or restart my phone to have it work again.

Any feedback on this would be grately appreciated! I've given this feedback to apple as well~ Thank you



Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Monday, January 2, 2017

The bugs have been fixed after I updated to iOS 10.2 on my iPhone 5S and iPod touch (6th generation).

Submitted by Luke on Thursday, January 19, 2017

To the person who simply replied that all the bugs were fixed, can you please elaborate? In general, I would like to know from other users about improvements from 10.1 to 10.2. I haven't even jumped into iOS 10 yet at all because of all the problems that I have read about