Looking for a recording app with the ability to "cancel" a recording

iOS and iPadOS

I'm looking for a decent recording app that will allow me to cancel my recordings if I need to rather than delete them. The ability to upload to dropbox or somewhere would be nice, however, it's not priority one. But I would like the ability to cancel a recording midway through it as opposed to stopping and then deleting the problemed recording. I guess I'm spoiled by the fact that the VR Stream has this feature. :). Any suggestions would be appriciated.



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Friday, December 30, 2016

Check out My Memos. You can share your recordings via email, web-dav, or FTP. They can also be downloaded to your PC. you can't cancel but you can trim.

It's pretty accessible, but I jibl tell you this.

I've used it a few times to record my voice for my brother's music. In my bit of exferience with it, for the most part, it's pretty accessible. Some of the buttons are labeled a little weird but it's such a simple app, that you figure then out prejty quick, and it doei have ads on it, & runs in portrait. I didn't know if orientation bothered you or not, but it does me a bit because, I run my ipad in landscape (home button to the right). So I figured I'd put that. Good luck & hope this helps.