Found something new on my iPhone; Emergency Bypass for Do Not Disturb

iOS and iPadOS

Hi All, I was changing a ringtone in one of my contacts. I discovered a setting called "Emergency bypass" which when turned on will allow a call from that contact to go through even when "Do not disturb" is on. Maybe you all knew about this but I thought it was pretty neat. Had to share.



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's been around since Do Not Disturb became a setting. You can set each individual contact to bypass the Do Not Disturb setting. It is a neat feature though.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nice. What I do in loo of that is I just let my favorite contact go through. good idea in case I don't want to add them to my faves.