Checking for new mail ios10

iOS and iPadOS

I was looking for where to change the frequency of checking for new mail in ios10 and it seems to have disappeared. Has anyone seen it?



Submitted by JTran2013 on Monday, October 31, 2016

Hi,1. Go to Mail in Settings
2. Double tap on Accounts
3. The last option there is Fetch New Data Push Button
4. Double tap on the last option
This will let you change the frequency for new mail for each mail account.


Hello Joanne,
I can't believe that I didn't spot it. I was teaching and the noise in the room was bad. I was hassled and I kept being asked about this in ios10 and couldn't find it quickly. Thank you so much, I feel silly now.

You're welcome! Sorry that your teaching enviroment was not good to show someone how to check mail. If you need help please let me know. Have a good day!