what happened to the roter for text navigation? help!

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Before the latest upgrade, I was able to navigate textedit documents via paragraph and sentence using quick nav and the roter. It seems I can know longer do this. I did a google research and the updated voiceover guide says there is a way to do it with the trackpad, but this was not successful either. I am a uni student so being able to navigate documents quickly is vital! I'm in my final year too. Please help? Thanks in advance!



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Friday, October 7, 2016


I have not seen this problem however, I've had my issues with ios 10. I may have a few ideas.

1. If you have an accessibility tech support line where you live, contact them.
2. Try shutting down your device & restarting it. It's helped me before when my ipad's been on the fritz & acting a bit flaky I'll reboot it & for the most part, things seem right as rain again! Never hurts to try.
3. This may seem a little weird. Try going into your Vo. settings & then your rotor settings & then turning your quick nav options off then back on again.

I don't know why yours would be doing that! I'm kind of having my own issues. With the rotor I used to b able to move by links in Safari. Well, I went to that option, & it said `open on other side` or ,activate default`

I called tech support & they were just as faffled as I was! Also, jhe new way of moving apps is still not working for me. Right now, I'm waiting until I can take my ipad to my nearest Apple store, but that's an hour drive from where I live. And for obvious reasons, it's hard to get a ride up there.

I'm also wondering if they've changed things & we just have to re-learn them.

Also, turn on vertical navigation p see if that fixes it. And if all else fails, try going to your quick nav option (Ex paragraph) & instead of going up & down, go left or right. This one may seem a little unorthodox but it worked with the Safari problem until somehow it just started working again after I cleared the cookies.

Best of luck & hope this helps.

Submitted by Nicholas on Friday, October 7, 2016

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Speaking for myself:
I have been reporting this for many betas now. Sentence and Paragraph navigation is gone from the Mac QuickNav Rotor. I can not say much more than that, except, please report this to Apple.
Use the Feedback Assistant included with the betas. Or email to: accessibility@apple.com.

Submitted by Maldalain on Saturday, October 8, 2016

I did report this with Apple. It's really bad when there's a feature that is really useful and it is no longer there in an OS that's supposed to be a huge leap in terms of accessibility. Now for what you can do in order to navigate by sentence or paragraph in TextEdit or Pages, here's the bad news:
To navigate to next sentence, you need to press command+options+CTRL+function key+down arrow. Yes, there're five keys. Up arrow for the previous sentence.
To navigate to the next paragraph, options+ctrl+shift+function key+down arrow, additional five keys. Up arrow for the previous paragraph.
Well, I suppose I need to use my piano skills when reading a book or navigating through lengthy document. Thanks Apple.

Submitted by Nicholas on Saturday, October 8, 2016

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Thank you for the heads up! I'll see if I can rent some extra fingers soon. :-)
I am glad you reported it, been a pet-peeve of mine for a while.
A thought, I used Keyboard Commander, with right-option key. Then in the Commands Table, made a custom shortcut on the "/" key, which are both next to the QuickNav arrow keys.
In the Commands menu button, arrow down to the "Text" sub-menu, choose "Read next paragraph". That's it, now you can press "right-option-/" to read the next paragraph. The VO cursor will be at the top of the last paragraph read.
I know, it is a work-around, but it becomes comfortable quickly.