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Commander One is a refined solution for easy management of big loads of files and folders on your Mac. The latest version of Commander One PRO is fully crafted in Swift 2.0 and is fully compatible with OS X El Capitan (10.11). - “This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be” -”I'd describe it more as a handy Finder "enhancer" that's great for Mac OS X "power users"; “If you consider yourself a "power user" and want the ability to tweak and fiddle with the functions on your Mac, you'll find it very handy — especially the pro version.”

Professional dual pane Commander One is crafted in Swift and has all you need for efficient work with files and folders on Mac:
- Create, delete, open, move, and rename files and folders;
- Use regular expressions in file search;
- Various view modes;
- Unlimited tabs;
- File operations can be queued even if they were in progress;
- Customizable hotkeys;
- History, Favorites;
- Select the program to open the file;
- All computers over network are detected and displayed in the list.

Commander One is also an FTP and WebDav client, a fast one! It allows working with many types of archives and search through them. You can mount various Cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive in Commander One for quick and easy access to your online files.

FTP Manager:
- Access remote servers via FTP, SFTP or FTPS;
- Two panels are for sure more efficient than one;
- Keep an eye on file operations with convenient queueing;
- Change files permissions.

WebDAV support
- Map as many WebDAV connections as you need at the same time in Commander One.
- Work directly with your files stored on the server, as if they are stored in a local folder on your Mac.
- Transfer files from one WebDAV server to another, without downloading them to your Mac.

Amazon S3 Connections
- Access and work with files of Amazon S3 account;
- Link your Amazon S3 account fully or only specific buckets.

Work with Clouds
- Integrate as many Dropbox folders into Commander One as needed;
- Mount your online Dropbox without installing it on your Mac and copying your data there;
- Share Dropbox links right from Commander One;
- Connect Dropbox Business account to get fast and easy access to your work files;
- Mount your Google Drive account and work with your online files;
- Manage your Google Drive files and folders in Commander One without saving them on Mac;
- Mount Microsoft OneDrive account and access your online files from Commander One as any local ones.

Mount MTP devices:
You can easily mount your MTP devices and access their contents - just connect your device to Mac and it will be available as a mounted drive in Commander One.

Compress and Extract:
- Extract and compress 7zip packages, or work with 7zip archives as regular folders: view, add, or remove files without extracting;
- Extract files from RAR packages, search archive contents, copy files from RAR without even extracting;
- Gain full access to TAR packages (TBZ, TGZ, Tar.Z, tar.lzma and tar.xz) including compress, extract, open as a folder and search archive contents;
- Work with .ipa, .apk, .jar, .ear, .war files as with regular folders.

Make it unique:
- Commander One offers pre-designed color themes and allows you to create your very own theme for maximum convenience and unique feeling;
- Customize fonts up to your visual convenience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We are happy to help. Your feedback is welcome and will be taken into account for next releases.



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Accessibility Comments

The toor is not accessible. yOu get a bunch of images. There is a skip button you can hit though. there are 2 buttons with no labels on them. After the tour I like the fact that there are key strokes for edit, move, copy and delete.

The thing that concerns me is the fact the radio buttons for viewing are not accessible in the tool bar, that is, they don't have labels. Over all the program is about 90 percent sable. It's missing the sound affects we know and love i osx and sounds in general so we can hear when stuff is done. I have not contacted the developers yet but I'll probably work on that, unless someone beats me to it.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.


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Submitted by Adam Samec on Saturday, October 15, 2016


this app can be completely operated using VoiceOver except for one thing, the tabs row is not accessible. You can not select a tab in that row, so the only way to switch a tab is by going to the next or previous tab via standard keyboard shortcuts, Control-Tab or Control-Shift-Tab, so it's not such a big problem. To close a tab use Command-W.

The former two shortcuts can be configured as well as many other shortcuts. Note that when entering a new keyboard shortcut in Commander One Preferences, you have to use double click (VO-Shift-Space bar-Space bar).

There are two more not labeled buttons above each of the left and right pane. The first button lets you choose from a list of previously visited folders and the second one from your favourite folders.

What is missing in the description of this app is that it allows you to show or hide hidden files using a button in the toolbar or a configurable keyboard shortcut, Command-Shift-Alt-H. Commander One can also create password protected encrypted archives, ZIP and other types, and extract them.

If you want to move files, you can use command-C and Command-Option-V. Going to the parent folder is performed with Command-Up arrow, so these work just like in Finder. There are more ways to select or deselect files but I like the one with just a press of Space bar, which at the same time calculates the size in case of folders. I find handy that if you open the favorite folders menu, Command-Control-F, you can start typing the name of a folder in the menu and the cursor will jump to it, so you can then just press Return and you will be right in the folder. Note that for this to work, you have to deselect the option to use the full path, the option is at the end of that menu.

Best Regards

Submitted by splyt on Friday, October 7, 2016

Openning folders is performed with option enter.

I had some hard time figuring out, because cmd down arrow did not work for me and this was kind of frustrating. Once you get used with option enter it works like a charm. Great app.

Opening folders can be done by pressing just Return as well. The difference is when opening archives, where Option-Return extracts the archive contents out of the archive to the folder where the archive is located, whereas Return just opens the archive as if it is a folder and doesn't copies its content out of it..

Both the keyboard shortcuts also open files, and can be customized in the HotKeys section of the Commander One > Preferences window accessed from the menubar. So, you can set one of them to the standard and handy Command-Down arrow.

Submitted by splyt on Monday, October 10, 2016

Hello! Can you test if only return will open a folder in ftp remote sites? I ask because the only way I could open a folder on a ftp server is via option and return keys


yes, in my case, Return works also on an FTP server. Although, I have a feeling that it didn't always work even on local drives in the past when I was running El Capitan and Commander One version 1.5..

By the way, inside archives and on FTP servers, both Return and Option-Return can only open folders, not files. Though, I can use the F3 (View) or F4 (Edit) commands. But if you save changes to a file edited this way, it won't be saved back to the remote server or archive. Thus one has to copy the file, make changes, and copy it back. However, the developers are allegedly working on adding this feature.

Submitted by Adam Samec on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quick switching between the left and right pane is performed with the Tab key. And if you are wondering why Shift-F6 (Rename) does not work, as I was, try hitting the shortcut twice quickly. Again, you can change these shortcuts in Preferences of Commander One, where you can also learn other shortcuts. Alternatively, you can rename a file or folder with a mouse click (VO-Shift-Space bar). If it's not working, try clicking twice, but with a pause between the two mouse clicks.


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