12. 9 or 9.7 ipad. connecting things etc

I want to buy an ipad some day.
the problem is that I don't know wich to take. 12.9 or 9.7 screen.
I've read things like that you can't connect things to the smaller ipad like microphones, sd card reader etc.
I know that you can connect to the larger ipad pro, but how about the smaller one.
I will play a lot of games, and work very much with text.
What do you recomend.
I don't see anything but I don't know anyway.
When selecting text yesterday I used the iphone, but on that the screen was too small, I was not able to select what I wanted.


They're the same in most respects

Hi, you can connect exactly the same types of peripherals to either iPad Pro size. Save for the screen size, there are only two other differences:
1. The 12.9 iPad Pro supports USB 3 transfer speeds. Note that this does not affect what can be connected to the device, just at what speed USB 3-compatible devices will work. If you plug a USB 3 device into an iPad Pro 9.7, it will run at USB 2 speeds instead.
2. The 12.9 iPad Pro has 4 gb of ram, versus the 9.7 which has 2 gb.
Apart from these two differences, they are the same. You need not worry that peripherals won't connect, no matter which one you get.

Ok, how is it with

Ok, how is it with batterylife.
I can't decide wich one to get.

About the same

From what I can tell, battery life is very close between the two. The 12.9 inch naturally has a bigger battery, however it also has a larger screen to drive which evens it out. At this point really, you can make your choice based on price and screen size. Choose the one you like best.

How is with sound then?

How is with sound then?
is this exactly the same?
is it easier to type text, select, copy and paste on the smaller ipads?
One of the reasons I want to have the larger ipad is because of usb 3.0
It is mostly that.
But is it Worth the extra Money just for usb in that case?

Why don't you go

Why don't you go to the Apple store and try both of the iPad Pros? If you compare the 2 sizes of the iPad Pro, you will be able to figure out which size is the best for you. Hope this helps.