possible bug with voiceover and the camera?

iOS and iPadOS

Before I report to apple I want to see if anyone else has noticed this with iOS10? Voiceover seems to be no longer providing a lot of feedback regarding how well the lighting is in photos. Instead it's reading everything as either blurry or very blurry no matter how good the lighting is even on past photos I have. I just want to see if this is just me or if it's happening here before I report to apple.



Submitted by OldBear on Friday, September 16, 2016

I have an iPhone 6. The pictures are all being described with, at least, something like sharp and bright. Many of them have descriptions of something in the picture and it's doing very well at it: palm trees, cactus, peaches... It's funny, I have a picture of an espaliered apple tree, with a curving trunk and it says it's a bonsai. LOL
So no, it's a bug you have in your update.

Submitted by JeffB on Friday, September 16, 2016

I am not getting discriptions of the lighting any more just blerry and sharp. I am using an iPhone 6s.