iOS10 beta fitness App with audible instructions, guidance and rest count down

iOS and iPadOS

I am the developer of an iPhone and Apple Watch fitness App that uses text to speech (TTS) to offer verbal instructions for gym users. This feature provides audible instructions like how to do an exercise, information on your next exercise (weight, reps) and it will count down out loud rest times between exercises. The Apple Watch also provides similar features and with watchOS3 works independently from the iPhone but will sync data.

I was hoping to gather feedback on the apps from the AppleVIS community during the beta development. If you would like more details on the APP the sign up page is here:

After signing up on HockeyApp you will be sent an invite by Apple to download the beta using TestFlight.

Although it currently requires the iOS10 beta, we are accepting sign-up by persons intending on upgrading to iOS10 soon after the scheduled September 7th release date. The beta testing of the App will continue after Apple officially releases iOS10

Thank you for your assistance.