Small issue i had when installing IOS6

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Hi all, I had a small issue whilst installing IOS 6 and I just thought I’d let you know about it for those who are yet to install it and may come across it. Fortunately a friend of mine helped to solve it for me; I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. So IOS 6 had finished downloading, and I happened to be standing right there when VO came back on. However, when I touched the screen to find out if I had to accept anything else, it said swiping from left to right: “image iPhone, info button” and then swiping to the right for the last time, I got a different voice from the default Australian Karen speaking a different language. Then every time I’d swipe back to the same spot, I’d get a different voice and different language than the last. As you can imagine, this totally threw me since most of the screen still spoke in English so it couldn’t be the language roter as we’d originally thought. So after trying unsuccessfully to get out of it with the home button I called said friend. After mucking around with the roter for a while with no language option coming up at all, she suggested that it maybe locked and I needed to double tap the equivalent of an unlock button. So I double tapped where the different language spoke and sure enough it unlocked and I was able to continue the install – I just had to put my apple ID and password in etc. So, weird; not sure what was going on there. I've since read from the ausie iPhone list I'm on that a few others having this same issue; bug alert? But I’m loving this new IOS from what I’ve seen of it so far and I certainly don’t regret updating. Cheers!



Submitted by RWolf on Friday, September 21, 2012

The element you describe wasn't a bug, but rather a button or link with changing text, saying "configure" in various languages. It had me stumped until it switched to German. I think the element could've been presented in a much less confusing manner.