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I have a question about 1password and credit card view.

I created a credit card register. Everything went pretty well.

After some time I needed to check the credit card number and related information.

I then opened 1password and in the cathegories tab I selected credit cards.

My credit card was listed at that screen, so I double tapped it to see the information.

In the screen to view credit card information, I was able to read the credit card nummber. But the custom rottor action to copy it was not implemented and I needed to copy the number to past somewhere else.

The same way, I was not able to find the security code on that screen. In order to see the security code, I had to tap on edit and get the code from the edit screen.

I got surprised as at least the security code should be exibited together with other credit card information on the credit card information screen. I doubt sighted people would need to tap on the edit button only to get access to the code, cinse editing the information isn't really needed.

So for you who use 1password is this the normal behaviour or we have an possible accessibility issue here ??



Submitted by Nicolai Svendsen on Saturday, August 27, 2016

Club AppleVis Member

Once you press on the card and open its screen, hitting edit never was required at all.

If you go to the Verification Number area, VoiceOVer will actually tell you that actions are available. You can either reveal the concealed value, which you will be told is concealed to start with, or you can flick down again in the actions rotor to copy it. To copy your card number, you can just go to the Edit rotor, then flick down to the copy action.