Roger VoiceOver issues fixed

iOS and iPadOS

The Roger team works very quickly! Just a while ago, not even an hour ago as of this writing, yet another update was released that fixes all the issues VoiceOver users were having. With as many Roger users on here, i'm a bit surprised that more people weren't talking about this. Anyways, Thanks to the Roger team for fixing these VoiceOver issues so quickly. Now it's pretty much like back to normal, and when you're listening to someone you can still use the playback rate button too. and all those extra buttons are gone too. Now to switch conversations, just double-tap the conversations button and your conversations will be displayed, just like before. Nice, simple and very easy to use once again. Very nice indeed!



Submitted by jcdjmac (not verified) on Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm glad the issues are flxed once again. now I can use the application just as I original thought I could. After the update was released yesterday pryer to todays update, the accessibility in the app was broken. I was going to uninstall the app and wait, but I thought, "let me wait until the update becomes available." now that the update is now available, I can now use the app just as normal again. their's even a "close" button whenever I tap on the "Live play inabled" button. it's also true when you tap on the conversations button, their's also a cluse button as well. also, at the top of the screenm their's a speaker phone icon and voiceover gives you a reminder that you could hear the messages played outloud, even if the app is closed, followed by the #magic. I think it's cook. Thanks @roger for fixing the issues.