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Hello all,
Since there is no daisy reader currently for the Mac, what are some suggestions for reading books and other documents on the mac? For example pub or books from NBP.

Greg Wocher



Submitted by Jake on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Both iBooks and Adobe Digital Editions will work to read ePubs ore PDF. I assume you meant ePub rather than pub, since pub files are from Microsoft Publisher. Simple PDF files can be read directly in Preview, built-in to the operating system.
Since you mentioned NBP, you can read BRF files in a few ways. One is to open them in any text editing application and read them with a Braille display. Another is to backtranslate them through an app such as Louis, which will then produce text output that you can read any way you wish.
DAISY books aren't such a hot item on OS X right now. If you've an unprotected DAISY book, you can unzip the file and then open the XML in Safari and read it like a web page. Failing that, your best bet is to use something else for now, unfortunately. I use Voice Dream Reader on iOS to do it.

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