Add to news option not in Safari sharing menu please help.

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Hi guys, i'm trying to add a website to apple news that is not in the Apple database . All the tutorials I've read instruct me to Click the sharing button at the bottom of safari then click the add to news option however the add news option is not in the shearing menu not even in the more section.

Please can anybody help me solve this problem?

Help with this problem would be most welcome, kind regards trey.



Submitted by dvdmth on Thursday, July 21, 2016

Club AppleVis Member

I just looked, and my iPad Mini 4 is also missing this option. My iPad Air, on the other hand, is showing the add to news button just fine. Both devices are showing the same website, so that doesn't explain it. I also looked on the more options screen to see if the button was hidden, but it wasn't there either. I could have sworn I've had the option in the past, although I have never used it.

I should note that my iPad Air is currently on the iOS 10 beta, but I don't think that would explain the discrepancy, since the button is supposed to be there in iOS 9 as well as iOS 10. There must be some setting somewhere, maybe a privacy setting, that is causing this.

Submitted by Jake on Thursday, July 21, 2016

I've got the option, but whenever I try to use it I simply get an error saying that the feed could not be added to News. No reasons, just that it can't. They're getting as bad as Microsoft with their oh-so-informitive error messages these days.