Good Navigation App?

iOS and iPadOS

Maybe someone can suggest good Navigation App on my IPhone? I tryed Ariadne GPS, BlindSquare, but both of them are lack of features that I need. I need an App like Seeing Eye GPS, but they aren't selling it in my country. I saw application called Seeing Assistant Move and it seems pritty promissing to me, but as far as I got there is no feature to get Turn by Turn directions as a clock-face or by degrees, only just ability to call an external Apple or Google Maps, but I've tested only the Light version, so I can be wrong here, if it is the case, please inform. I need to see intersections by clock like Seeing Eye GPS gives it, and instructions where to go. I tryed VeoptaNav as well, but it's accuracy is usually within 30 meters and as far as I got they are not intent to fix it by this time. I usually use "Apple Maps" and sometimes "Google Maps", but they are lack of mentioned features as well. Yesterday I wrote the suggestion to the Apple how to improve their Maps for us and I hope they'll do it, but maybe we have something now?
I really appreciate your help.



Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I think the only fully blind made GPS apps are the seeing eye and blind square. You might try the Navigon GPS app. I don't think it gives you a clock face, but it's worth a shot.