Shutting down iPhone

iOS and iPadOS
After I'm done using iPhone, I shut it off with the power button. However I read that the iPhone is designed to be left on. When should I use the power button on the phone? I heard you should only shut it off completely if you encounter a problem and need to reset it. Please write back. Thanks.



Submitted by Deng on Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well actually, if you are just pushing the power button once after you are using it, it will only put your iPhone to sleep. Pushing that button again will just wake it back up. And what you do after that is slide or doubletap the slider on the bottom of the screen to have your iPhone working again. This is better than turning the phone off and on again when you want to use it. The only times that you should turn the phone off completely is when you do have a problem. This is when you would have to hold on to the power button until VO says, "Slide to power off"