Let's help make Curse fully accessible

iOS and iPadOS

iOS App Directory Entry:

Hi guys,
Curse is an app that allows you to chat with people and call them as well, as described in the App Store, it is great for gamers that play games and the games don't have the ability to chat. Examples are games that are inaccessible to us, League of Legends and stuff like that.
A lot of people just simply use it to message and call like Skype, Viber, Messenger etc.
This app is accessible, however only 95% accessible. There are some unlabeled buttons, but a lot of the buttons are clearly labeled. For example if you are in a chat with someone, there is an unlabeled button letting you see their profile.
Nothing can be done in a call when you hit the call button, as stated in my iOS App Directory Entrby this that VoiceOver reads most page elements. And most buttons are clearly labeled.
There are other things, but to keep this short, let's contact Curse about this.
I will find their e-mail and post in the comments section.